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After a couple years’ writing, there are a lot of posts here. Some are good, some are, bad, many are indifferent. Some are still perfectly relevant and interesting; others haven’t aged terribly well.

For your reading pleasure, here are some of the most popular posts from the archives.

In reverse chronological order (in other words, newest first):

  • A WWII-era German code – and dozens of comments from /. readers…
  • Something fishy about Somali Piracy – Why does Task Force 150 suck?
  • Intelligence analysis and the fundamental traits thereof
  • Israel’s new radar – more than meets the eye?
  • The Fulton Skyhook – an awesome piece of obsolete military hardware!
  • Portable TOR proxies – because it’s all about plausible deniability, baby!
  • The Army hates Urban Exploration – go figure!
  • Writing on the wall – Gang graffiti
  • Deciphering gang graffiti – Nearly everything you ever wanted to know about gang graffiti
  • The Balad, Iraq AN-72 crash – photos of an airplane crash in Iraq that many believe was covered-up by the government.
  • Comcast Blocks SSH Traffic – on port 22, anyway. It could happen to you; it’s happened to hundreds of others…
  • Stupid is as Stupid Does – a funny Army aviation-safety poster. I don’t know why, but this – and the antiterrorism one right below – are two of the most enduringly popular posts on this site.
  • Antiterrorism Training – thanks to the U.S. Government, you too can become “certified” in antiterrorism operations. Really!
  • CyberCIEGE – a computer and network security training program from the U.S. Navy, available now for your downloading pleasure.
  • Encrypting bittorrent to avoid the prying eyes of the law, your school, or your ISP.
  • USB DAC, an awesome and inexpensive do-it-yourself computer sound card.
  • Bridge Faults Big and Small – Interstate 35W bridge fall down, go boom!. Here’s what I think happened.
  • All Hashed Up – Forensics experts can use rolling hashes to identify porn. Really. Contains indecent pictures of a young, naked female, hence the popularity…
  • The Gossen Luna-Pro F – an awesome photographic light meter, but big!
  • Disclosure as Censorship – proactive “disclosure” can often hide more than it reveals
  • What the CIA is (trying) to Hide – ferreting out the mystery of redactions
  • The Exemption Game – FOIA redactions in the CIA Family Jewels
  • Thaumaturgic Border Protection – a satire of Homeland Security programs
  • Anonymous Domain Registration – the FBI’s stealthy, anonymous webmail server exposed.
  • Left Hand, Meet Right Hand – on the “worse than useless” U.S. Army field manual FM 3-01.80.
  • On the subject of Iranian mortar rounds – Why Washington’s doctored 81mm “Iranian” mortar rounds are probably fake – not for the reason most people think
  • How to Proxy Internet Connections Through SSH Tunnels – you don’t need expensive hardware or software to protect yourself from the prying eyes of your ISP
  • Populist Expressions and Fantastic Times – a somewhat light-hearted look at why threatening websites to remove content you don’t approve of doesn’t work as well as you might hope. Oh, and some sarcastic comments about lawyers.
  • Government Spying – Online, everyone can hear you scream.
  • Homemade Pepper Spray – I think this is something people search the web for a lot, and enough of them come to this post to make it one of the most popular on the site. That, or I’ve encoded a dirty limerick into the text with steganography…
  • Why I Hate DHL – Apparently I’m not the only one, either, to judge from the traffic this page gets.
  • A Response from the NSA – I asked the National Security Agency for records they had on me. They responded. I posted about it, and still today, lots and lots of people read about it.
  • The NSA isn’t all bad – The National Security Agency appears to be the first government agency to accept electronic (PGP/GPG) signiatures in lieu of the real ‘John Hancock’. Pretty cool, if you ask me.
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