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In a couple years of blogging on this site, I’ve produced quite a number of posts. Some attracted a lot of attention, and continue to attract a lot of attention, months or years later. Others, (in my opinion) every bit as important or interesting, get seen by (comparatively) few people, and otherwise languish in obscurity.

To redress this outrage, here are a couple of personal favorites from among the posts on this site, which I sincerely hope you’ll find as interesting as I do:

  • India’s Federal Investigative Agency – what’s the first thing India did after the Mumbai terror attacks? Form their own national equivalent of the Department of Homeland Security. I argue that intelligence “fusion centers” would be a much better move…
  • Computer games as military training – more useful than you might immediately think!
  • Expertise is where you find it – the Intelligence Community took a step in the right direction, by encouraging the use of civilian subject-matter experts. Now, if they can just take a few more steps…
  • An RNC Playlist – Music to revolt to, or simply revolting music, depending on your worldviews. Either way, contains much intentional humor.
  • Misplaced or displaced patriotism? – Is it still irrational when you’re blindly cheering on another country?
  • On garbage cans as physical security risks (no, really)
  • A year with Squid – it does a website good.
  • Thirsty LOLCat – the cat who thinks he’s a dog, with photographic evidence.
  • Openness and Transparency – is what’s good for the goose good for the gander? How about the hunter? Or the animal-rights activist? Privacy is good, but some degree of openness and transparency is almost certainly better.
  • Crumbling infrastructure – the current round of hand-wringing over the condition of this country’s critical infrastructure is overlooking a large, important problem: Nobody is doing anything about privately owned infrastructure, which, in some places, is in far worse shape than the public stuff…
  • Language in Conflict – words have power, and every once in a while, someone in the U.S. government remembers this.
  • The Landmark Mystery; an old, historic government building in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota has some mighty interesting decorations…
  • Drug Policy as Revolutionary Cycle. I really believe that the classic model of revolutionary violence applies to a lot more things than is traditionally thought; here’s one example.
  • Advertiser-supported publishing models. I like books. Books are expensive. Here are some thoughts on keeping literature the affordable opiate of the masses.
  • Elk like sweets. Who knew? And, more importantly, who knew it would turn into a major public safety issue?
  • Tofu-dog and a hug day; a holiday like “steak and a blowjob day”, but for normal folks.
  • The Memory Blog, 2004-2007. Rest in peace.
  • Funistrada, an incredibly popular food that doesn’t exist. Heh.
  • What’s in your sewers?. You never know until you look…
  • Gang Wars – You, too, can spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt – just lie with statistics
  • Secret Squirrels and Cow Commandos – You’ve heard of OPSEC, and COMSEC; how about POOPSEC?
  • Hooah – Everything you ever wanted to know about the most annoying military expression ever
  • Disclosure as Censorship – why the public gets shafted by proactive declassification
  • What the CIA is Trying to Hide – making sense of all the redactions in the “Family Jewels” and other Agency documents
  • A (personal) Spam Karma Record – 1.3 million, and a bit
  • Us and Them – Are the media the problem in Iraq? Just ask the military…
  • Marine Corps Blocks TOR – real, actual censorship, courtesy of the United States military
  • Mighty Allium – garlic rawks
  • Cutting Corners in Webhosting – why two nameservers really is better than one
  • More to come, as I dig them out of the archives…

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