Achtung, verboten!

A 404 “error”, a numeric webserver status code which indicates the absence of a requested element, is an embarassment, as it’s presence indicates that someone, somewhere, has fucked up badly. Either in removing a page or element that used to be there, and is still linked to or referenced from some other page, or in creating a link to an element that never existed, or just in misconfiguring the webserver somehow so it can’t find the element that damned well is there, someone is responsible for that error, and must be held accountable.

You’re (probably) seeing this page because whatever page you wanted to see, isn’t there, for one of the reasons above. I’ll either fix it in due course, or I won’t… and there’s nothing you can do about it, but click on one of the links over to the right and see if you can find whatever it was you were looking for that way.

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