Broken Links

We link to a lot of stuff here. Sometimes, after anywhere from a few minutes to a few years, those resources we linked to go away. With apologies to Douglas Adams, don’t panic. We can probably help.

We like to know when links go bad, for both the obvious reasons and, sometimes, because we can fix the problem and make everything better. So let us know. But, before you do so, please read the following. ‘Kay? ‘Kay.

  • A couple times, we’ve linked to Google (or Yahoo, or MSN, or…) caches of webpages that weren’t there no more even when we first wanted to link to ’em.
  • A lot of times, we link to webpages that were there when we linked to them, honest.
  • Once those cached copies are gone, they’re gone, and there’s not much we can do about it. However, in either of these cases, you might be still be in luck – figure out the original page URL you want (not the Google cache URL), and check out whether the Internet Archive has a copy saved. You’d be amazed what you can find, there.

  • Every now and then, images get embedded into posts here, usually hosted on a remote server called “Frank”.
  • If we’ve embedded an image, and it’s not showing up, or we’ve linked directly to an image (be it a GIF, JPEG, or PNG), and it’s not there no more, let us know, and we’ll fix it.

  • Often, we link to remote files – zip files, PowerPoint presentations, Adobe PDF files, tarballs, or whatever.
  • If these go away, let us know. Every government and military document and file we link to, we save a copy of, somewhere. Even if Uncle Sam pulls something off the web, we should be able to host a copy of it ourselves – if you let us know the original is missing. Obviously, private non-government stuff that’s copyrighted we can’t do this with.

    Got it? Excellent. Use this page to leave comments about broken links you come across. Please include both the page here the link is on, and what the broken link URL is. We’ll get to ’em as time allows. You people reading feeds can also email us at the address that shows up at the bottom of every syndicated post, should you want to do that.

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