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Chicago Heavy Metal – Because That’s Just How I Roll

On Sunday, I was about a block from the downtown farmer’s market when my bike’s rear tire began to die. I was braking hard, coming down a steep hill, and bam!, a spoke broke like a gunshot. The wheel went crazy out of true, locking up hard against the frame, and I came skidding to a halt.

Five minutes with a spoke wrench later, I could at least wobble into downtown proper. I picked up food at the farmer’s market, found that the downtown bike shop is closed on Sundays, and just managed to make it to a bus stop on the bike before another spoke gave up the ghost.

I took the bike home on the bus, put the groceries away, and contemplated my situation.

It was a bit after noon, my only form of transportation was unusable, and I had an appointment I had to get to by bike the next morning, about five miles away. No bike shop in town that’s open on a Sunday stocks 27-inch rear wheels. So… what to do?

When the going gets tough, the tough go… to garage sales.
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