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When Life Gives You Lemons… or Stuffed Animals… or Swords…

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d fallen victim to the horrible and dastardly influences of Japanese media, and been brainwashed into buying pencils and a sketchbook and stuff and returning to doodling and drawing, which I haven’t done in… over a decade.

Well, there’s a funny story in there…

As you may know, my normal writing instrument of choice is the fountain pen. I have a number of them, many of them vintage. When I took up drawing, I picked up some good old-fashioned wooden drawing pencils in various degrees of hardness… but I also picked up lead for a lovely old mechanical pencil that came as part of a set I got years ago.

How old is “old”? It’s a Sheaffer pencil in striped celluloid, which takes 0.9mm lead, dating it to WWII. With replacement lead (Pentel makes 0.9mm 2B lead, great for drawing), it works as beautifully as it looks. As you might expect from a pencil that’s coming up on its seventieth birthday, the original eraser… doesn’t.

But that’s okay, because, believe it or not, Sheaffer still makes replacements that fit it.

And so, eager to have an awesome vintage drawing tool that I can take with me places where a knife or pencil sharpener wouldn’t be appropriate, I ordered a package of the erasers on Amazon.

Two days later (I’m a Prime member, free two-day shipping, whoo!) I received…
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