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Anime and Manga Really Are Horrible Influences

Every once in a while you hear or read some alarmist story about how some genre of media is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad influence on impressionable youth, or whatever. Comic books rot your brain, Sunday-morning cartoons make you violent, video games desensitize you to death, newspaper comics impair your ability to function in society, science fiction magazines are introducing our children to bestiality and drug use and…

You get the idea.

I tend to think this is generally really stupid. Playing video games and watching classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons didn’t make me a vitriolic curmudgeon. (Going to a high school full of vapid, empty-headed dumbasses made me a vitriolic curmudgeon. Probably.)

That being said, I recently… oh man, this is really hard to say… I recently… did something…solely because I was inspired by manga.

There. I’ve admitted it. Hi, my name is Nemo de Monet, and I…
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