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Bymore Taqueria

For several months – since it opened, really – I’ve been encouraging people in the Twin Cities to visit the Hmong Village shopping center on Saint Paul’s east side. Some people aren’t that enthused about visiting a truly unique asian mall (and food court!), but I tell ’em to man up, as it were, and step outside their comfort zone for once, as the rewards are well worth it.

Valuable advice that I, myself, am often a little reluctant to follow, sadly.

Not quite so far east on the east side is Payne Avenue, a north-south street that was once the nexus of a big working-class, largely Italian-American, neighborhood. In the last decade, it’s become the nexus of a big working-class Latin-American immigrant community. Rarely is heard an English word, and it’s hard to find parking all day.

It’s also – let’s be honest here – not the greatest neighborhood in the city. The storefronts which aren’t adorned with Spanish-language signs are adorned with “registered vacant building” or “condemned structure” notices. Gang graffiti is widespread. Everything seems dirty and gritty and faded.

It’s an area I honestly try to avoid. Especially on foot. Doubly-especially after dark.

That said, the other day, I was in the area, and I was hungry, so I took my own advice, left my comfort zone, and braved Payne Ave in search of food…
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