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The Ethnic Humour Prevention Act of 1932

My fondness for ancient mystery and adventure novels continues unabated, and lately I’ve been enjoying the various adventures of Cleek.


Why, Detective Hamilton Cleek, of course, the erstwhile hero of many a Thomas Hanshew novel and story.

Cleek is mostly forgotten today, possibly thanks to, as Wikipedia so helpfully puts it:

“Hamilton Cleek is laughably unrealistic, at least to the modern reader, not only for his ability to impersonate anyone but for his physical derring-do and his frequent melodramatic encounters with Margot, “Queen of the Apaches”, and her partner-in-crime Merode.”

I’m sure the unreality, if any, has nothing to do with – despite having been written by an American, for largely American audiences, mind – taking place in London and various parts of the British Isles and even continental Europe, or at least vaguely charming caricatures thereof…
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