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An MSP430 Dev Board Proposal

The MSP430 is a family of (very!) low-power 16-bit microcontrollers from Texas Instruments, who have been aggressively – if not necessarily successfully – marketing them towards hobbyists for a year or two now. The chips have been slow to gain traction in the hobbyist community for no particularly good reason. I mean, the standard dev board – the ‘Launchpad’ from TI – costs $5 or so, and allows you to program (DIP-package) chips with no extra hardware, which had ought to be mighty attractive when you consider that Arduino boards start around $25, and you need another $20 or more device to program additional chips.

16-bit microcontrollers, supported by GCC, DIP packages, run at up to 16MHz and 16 MIPS… Chips under $3 in single quantities, under a buck each in volume. What’s not to like?

Well, one thing, really. The lack of development boards for the thing.
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