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Kwik Hits

A few random links of hopeful interest to someone:

Testing a dip nib enhancer;

Largely overlooked in American media, Russia and Japan are waving body parts at one another over the Kuril Islands, something I’ve written about in the past.

Also from Ria Novosti, a handy explanation of the functioning of a modern explosives-detection test set. I find it interesting that the device apparently can’t detect ANFO or other low-order explosives. Hmmn…

Um, what?

Some cattle rustlers I wrote about a while ago were in the news again;

Two interesting books I stumbled across:

U.S. Army Military Intelligence History: A Sourcebook, Part 1
and Part 2 (both PDF files)

…and we listen to the sound of silence.

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Evolution in Action

Living, as I do, in a wild and untamed part of the city, there is often a bewildering array of wildlife wandering through our yard, from possums and raccoons to birds of prey to geese to… deer, even.

In the winter, we have bird feeders out, because one of my roommates gets some warm fuzzy feeling from feeding wildlife, and because the resulting flocks of birds are cheap entertainment for all our cats.

Most days, we have between fifteen and thirty birds in our backyard, many of them perched in a pine tree. Presumably, they do this for protection, not just from the elements – as inimical as those can be, in winter in Minnesota – but from predators. And for good reason; we see a lot of birds of prey that like to snack on wrens and finches and sparrows, oh my.
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Home on the (Canadian) Range

Ohai. This one’s for you, Canada.

<3, an (affectionate) American Idiot

Oh give me a home,
where the coyote roam,
and the beer will stay chilly all day…
Where rarely is heard, a discouraging word
but sentences there end in “eh”.

Home, home on the range;
where the beer will stay chilly all day.
Where rarely is heard, a discouraging word
but sentences there end in “eh”.

How often at night, as the enforcers fight
with might drawn from energy bars
have I stood there and gazed, and asked, quite amazed
if their glory exceeds that of ours?
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