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A Tale of Two Ebonite Pens

Ebonite is a fancy, semi-genericized trademarked term for what is, basically, hard rubber. Over the years,it’s been used for lots and lots of things, including fountain pens, where it retains a sort of retro cachet for no real good reason.

Usually “cachet” in fountain pens means big money, but there are a couple of companies making $30-or-less ebonite pens, which is (sadly) “entry-level pen” territory for a lot of people. (The Lamy Safari and Waterman Phileas, two injection-moulded plastic pens from Europe with fairly large followings, are right about this price.) The most visible are Noodler’s, better known for making a couple hundred colours of bottled ink, and the Ranga Pen Co in India, who aren’t known for much of anything.

I got one pen from each of them; let’s see how they fare, shall we?
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