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Laser Death-Ray Countermeasures

When I was a kid, years and years and years ago – we’re talking very early 1990s, here – I played a ‘Buck Rogers’ sci-fi computer RPG for DOS, probably “Countdown to Doomsday”.

One of the few things I still remember about the game was that it featured a huge variety of weapons which you could equip your characters with, including laser weapons, which were relatively effective… unless you were fighting robots or cyborgs or something like that, as they had polished, mirrored surfaces that would reflect your laser fire. (I don’t recall if it went back at you, or in a random direction, but it didn’t damage what you were shooting at, anyway.)

Despite being a sci-fi game, as far as I can tell, the science there seemed pretty good – laser weapon plus a (say) 98% reflectivity surface is probably going to be interesting. There will be substantial heating, but that’s better than being vaporized… and on a large vehicle, possibly much less of a problem.

The real-world applicability of this is probably somewhat lacking, however.
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