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The Nurse’s Dirty Secret

One of the most rewarding aspects of writing a blog is the opportunities it affords for interaction with the readers. Mostly, owing to the nature of the medium, this is limited to the exchange of comments, be they (frequently) entertaining, instructive, insightful, or (very rarely) banal. I appreciate this very much, and thank you all for your diligent efforts in this area.

Many of you also e-mail me from time to time, and these interactions I also find greatly rewarding, on the whole, despite the less-structured, private nature of the interaction. For this I again am by and large very grateful, because you as a whole have been very kind about sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. As always, thanks.

Recently, someone e-mailed me with a suggestion for something I should write. This is not an uncommon happening, truth be told.

However, I can say with relative certainty that nobody had ever before asked me to write erotica.
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