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A Baseball Interlude: Bert Blyleven

Today, a brief aside vaguely concerning baseball.

I’m not a huge fan of baseball, you should probably know, even though I used to play it as a kid. Despite this, because I live in Minnesota, even the amount of time-consuming work I’ve been doing this week has been insufficient to help me avoid noticing that former Minnesota Twins’ pitcher Bert Blyleven got voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week… after fourteen years on the ballot.

This got me to wondering – was there a reason Blyleven had finally gotten inducted? It could be argued – cynically – that he made it in this year because everyone more highly-regarded had already done so. Even more cynically, however, I wondered… how much had his Wikipedia page changed in the last couple of years? And were any of these changed “interesting” enough to affect people’s impressions of someone who, after all, hadn’t played professional baseball in eighteen years?

Before you start in with the nasty emails, I’m not in any way arguing that Blyleven doesn’t deserve this honor; far from it. I’m merely questioning why it happened now, and whether Wikipedia could have played a role.

Let’s take a look, shall we?
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