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The Post-Christmas Blues

Hi, it’s me again. I hope you had a good Christmas week, ’cause mine was proper ‘orrible, much of it – alright, too much, subjectively – spent sitting around in airports, reading or watching videos on my MP4 player. Still, I’m alive, and that which does not kill me just makes me hate traveling that much more.

Or something like that.

Anyway, the only things of substance I accomplished during the week that are worth noting are a mild revamp of my novel’s website and the creation of a Twitter account, wherein I will occasionally bore an indifferent public with random 140-character observations. You follow me, I’ll follow you, everything will be lemonade and cucumber sandwiches, or something.

Lemonade and cucumber sandwiches? Urgh. Reading a combination of post-Victorian e-books, (badly) translated light novels, an Amelia Peabody story, and Neal Stephenson over the last week seems to have had an interesting effect on my writing. Hopefully I re-achieve my linguistic baseline before embarking on my next novel…

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