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You Cannot Go Back… And Shouldn’t

I have, of course, a fascination with the past, and have since I was a wee anklebiter. As I lumber through middle age, though, I find that – despite not having had a particularly enjoyable childhood, all in all – I occasionally become nostalgic for some strange thing from my misspent youth. I also find that, almost without fail, my memories of things from the past are better than the things actually are, or were.

In a way, I’m fortunate that I now live several hundred miles from any of the tiny towns I grew up in, as this renders the occasional nostalgic urge relatively difficult to give in to. Are the hamburgers at the little place down by the highway really as good as I remember? Probably not, but I’m unlikely to find out any time soon, assuming the place is still around. Was the 1930s library really as awesome as I remember? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Some things I can never revisit – was Apple Slice really the best soft drink ever? alas, it’s been discontinued for decades – and I’m slowly coming to realize that most of what I can revisit, I shouldn’t.

Take, as one oddly random example, the movie Spies Like Us.
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