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Of LCD Monitors, Old Novels, and Stranger Things

Warning: May Contain Language.

I try to be an informed consumer; nobody knows the value of careful deliberation and researched and jaundiced critical evaluation more than I. Nonetheless, I do occasionally wind up with goods that were clearly beaten with a crap stick somewhere during the design and/or manufacturing process. I try not to be bitter about this, but instead take the opportunity to look upon these incidents as learning experiences, grow, and move on, somewhat poorer, but somewhat wiser.

For instance, having recently purchased an LCD monitor from ViewSonic – the VA2323WM, though I doubt you care – I’ve learned three things: I hate LCD monitors in general, ViewSonic make absolutely crap LCD monitors, and the people who review monitors on Amazon are fucking dillholes.

Now, I’ve also been reading a lot of ancient novels again lately, mostly very late Victorian or late Edwardian, and one thing I’ve found particularly fascinating is the almost ridiculous difference between the insults of that era and of our own. Not just the difference, but the general and mostly clearly palpable superiority of insults from a century ago.

Much like the decline in musical ability over the decades, I blame drug use.
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