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Kwik Hits

Random things of possible interest on a snowy and very cold Friday here in Minnesota:

Thanks to everyone who entered the Mendacities giveaway, and congratulations to the lucky winners. Thanks also to anyone who might have bought a copy on Amazon recently, thereby – however briefly – causing the sales rank to spike above 500,000 for a day. (Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get.)

I found this amusing enough to share: RFC 6565. “Fault-tolerant pairs of rodents, whoo!” indeed.

Apparently this was quite the hit in 1912. My, how the times have changed in the last 98 years, no?

Cattle rustling, however, is still with us today. I’m sure the economy is to blame…

I spotted this on the USAF website; to read it, you’d think modern aircraft were made from interwoven layers of toxins and carcinogens, and leave Superfund sites everywhere they go. Sheesh…

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