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The Eken M-001 as Ebook Reader: Its’ All About the Apps

Back in June, I acquired an Eken M-001, an Android-powered tablet computer with a seven-inch display, occasionally referred to as an “Apad” or “ePad”. It normally sells for around $99 USD, making it pretty much the cheapest such device on the market. In July, after owning it for a couple of weeks, I wrote about my first impressions with the machine.

The short summary, for people who don’t want to re-read that: It’s an awesome e-book reader, and kind of ill-suited for many of the other things that people try and do with it.

After about six months with the thing, I’m still incredibly pleased with it, and have come to the conclusion that it’s the apps that make – or break – the device. To be somewhat helpful in that regard, here are some of my thoughts and experiences, after a lot of extensive use.
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