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Toradora: What Could Have Been

Okay, so… Toradora!. A fairly popular series of light novels in Japan (ten in all), which spawned a 25-episode anime series and a pair of graphic novels. And a gajillion yen of merchandise, I might add.

Despite having no giant robots, no ninjas, no sex, no female nudity, no gunfights, only one-and-a-half swordfights, only one or two kicks-to-the-nuts (ouchie), and two, or maybe three, of the most complicated love polygons ever imagined in such a medium, it’s still a series of sheer awesomeness and epic win. It’s right up there with Yotsuba&! in terms of awesomeness: if you don’t like Toradora (or Yotsuba), there’s probably something wrong with you.

Well, maybe.

You’ll probably never know, however.
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