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10,000 Lakes — and 33 Terrorist Groups? (Probably Not.)

A reporter for the local Twin Cities Daily Planet has been devoting a not inconsiderable amount of resources – by her own count, three emails and at least five phone calls, over the course of three weeks – pursuing what I strongly suspect is a non-story: the not-actually-shocking revealation that the Sheriff’s Department in Ramsey County, Minnesota – in which the capital, Saint Paul, has the misfortune to be located – has investigated thirty-three “terrorist groups”.

Given that this is the TC Daily Planet (and that the article was linked to from Twin Cities Indymedia), I have a really, really strong suspicion that these journalistic efforts – making dubious use of the state equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act – are less about discovering just how many bad people are here, and more about trying to dig up salacious, hype-able, and misrepresentable information that perfectly innocent and harmless “social justice” groups in the Twin Cities are being monitored by The Man.

That’s a non-story, Ms. Hollish. Everybody knows this, already. Besides, you’re likely mis-interpreting the County report, anyway.
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