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How To Start A Relatively Responsible Hosting Business For $250 Per Year

While discussing how to evaluate webhosts with some friends, we discussed a couple of things that I didn’t mention in that post. One – a subject for another day – is how to analyze pricing information to determine both how badly a host is overselling resources, and how healthy a profit margin (if any!) they’re attempting to maintain.

Another, though, was how to run a hosting business with minimal outlay – which it’s very evident is a prime concern for a lot of wannabe hosts – while still offering a responsible, quality, standards-compliant service.

It turns out you can start a pretty decent sideline in the hosting business for less than 250 USD per year.
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The Modern Opiate of the Masses

I am not one such that blindly embraces Progress, or adopts Change for its own sake. My cellphone screen is green-and-white; my home phones are rotary. My cameras use film, my bicycles are steel, I wear a pocket watch, and I still write – on paper – with a fountain pen. To a very great extent, the toys and trappings of the modern era hold little attraction; they are a collective source of apathy and indifference for me.

Some days, though, I’d really like a fast internet connection that worked with some degree of regularity.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another long rant about the institutional incompetence of Qwest, the monopolistic local telecommunications provider…
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