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The Evaluation of Shared Webhosting Providers and Their Technical Competence, If Any

Browsing, as I am oft to do, around certain large webhosting forums, I am continually, perpetually, and never-endingly amazed at how many utterly clueless people are trying to make a quick buck in the hosting business. I’m not surprised at the level of incompetence displayed by some of these people, but it’s a little depressing, as I feel bad for whatever customers manage to get duped into paying these sundry folks for demonstrably sub-par service, however briefly. (Most new hosting businesses fold or change hands within a couple of months. Many more should, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.)

So, after discussing this with a couple of friends via e-mail over the past couple days, we’ve hit upon a crude method of evaluating the competence and cluefulness, if any, of shared hosting providers. (This includes providers of Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers, a/k/a VPSes or VDSes, as it’s essentially the same thing – selling several people capacity on one physical piece of hardware.) It’s not perfect, and it’s a little bit snarky, but, that being said, it’s probably a pretty good benchmark for evaluating a business sector heavily infested with teenagers, ignoramuses, shysters, fraudsters, hucksters, con-men, pyramid-schemers, and the generally clueless.
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