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Kwik and Chilly Hits

Back on October 29th, Entropic Memes hit its… sixth birthday. Yay me. Here’s to another six years of random, semi-misanthropic inanity! 🙂

Back on the 31st, my latest contracting gig expired, leaving me among the great mass of unemployed. Again. Or still, depending on your point of view. Current plan: clean out the attic and basement, and sell unneeded cruft on eBay. Anyone want to make an offer on the signed, limited-edition hardcover version of Cryptonomicon? Or a signed hardcover of The Diamond Age?

Today, if you’re unaware, is election day in the United States. (Vote early, vote often.) Coming as it does every two years, it’s a timely occasion to meditate on the fundamental shortcomings of the representative system of governance practiced here: Anyone who desires political power is pretty much by definition unqualified to have it.
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