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Small-Arms Tactics: Reading Between the Lines

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently produced a short product on lone shooters and small-unit tactics as a threat to the United States, which was thoughtfully reproduced online by Public Intelligence.

For the most part, what it says isn’t very interesting – it basically regurgitates some rather banal details about high-profile criminal acts invoving firearms or simulated firearms in recent years, and then includes some very qualified statements disavowing knowledge of any plans or attempts to use such tactics in the future. On the surface, there’s nothing to see here; at a glance this looks no different than any of the other, superficially quite similar, documents that law enforcement in this country churn out on an almost daily basis.

Read between the lines, though, and see what isn’t mentioned, and it gets a bit more interesting.
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