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Lunch Boxes for Adults

When I was a wee anklebiter, way back in the day, I packed a lunch to school most days. At first it was in the ubiquitous metal lunch box, adorned with some sort of cartoon or comic character. Later I “outgrew” that and just brought lunch to school in a brown paper bag.

My Mom, bless her, packed the lunches, of course. They were, as far as I remember, your standard grade school bag lunch – one sandwich, one apple, and a cookie, or three. A little Thermos full of… Kool-Aid?, or later a juice box or pouch, and straw. Not the most inspiring lunch in the world, but they did the job, I guess.

In sixth, seventh, and eighth grade I ate school lunches in the cafeteria. In ninth through twelfth grade, I… didn’t eat lunch at all, because my father and step-mother were douchebags.

Okay, I didn’t completely not eat lunch; I survived on soda and whatever unwanted leftovers I could mooch from acquaintances. But, anyway.

For some reason, when i was younger, I saw packing a lunch to work as either something childish, or something extremely old-fashioned, out of a black-and-white movie. Today, if it really was old-fashioned, it’d be amazingly appealing to me as something awesomely cool and “retro”.

It’s not, sadly. But for about a year, I’ve still been taking lunch to work, anyway – and so has one of my housemates.
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Random Old Found Photos – Gals

Following on from yesterday’s small collection of random vintage found photos of gentlemen, as promised… here are a couple interesting found photos of ladies from way back when…

As always, enjoy. 🙂

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Random Old Found Photos – Guys

Last week I stopped in at a local antique store and bought a dozen or so random old photos from way back when, because I reckoned they were neat and/or interesting enough to scan and post online here. Hopefully you agree. 🙂

Tomorrow, the ladies. Today, the guys…

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Time and Place vis-a-vis Freedom of Expression

Much as it pains the civil libertarians, the First Amendment has been pretty well established by the courts to not be absolute, where freedom of speech is concerned. The broadest limitation is often referred to as “time and place” – you (probably) have the constitutional right to stand on a soapbox and orate against the President to your heart’s content… just not in the middle of a busy intersection during rush hour. And you (probably) have the constitutional right to stand on a soapbox in the park, and decry abortion providers – just not at one in the morning… or during a pro-choice rally.

And you can yell “Fire!” at the shooting range, but not so much at the movie theater.

In the sleepy little town of Moorhead, Minnesota, apparently there are “time and place” restrictions on freedom of expression now, too.
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Oh, the Humble Notebook

For someone who spends most of their life in front of a computer, and has used the internet since 1993, and first posted to Usenet in 1995 (thanks, Google Groups), I spend a surprising amount of time writing stuff down. You know, on paper, with a (fountain) pen. Longhand. I go through a lot of pads of paper, taking notes in meetings and things, but I also go through a kind of frightening number of notebooks. Notebooks of all sorts – little staplebound things, nice hardcover ones, Moleskines and Moleskine knockoffs, steno pads, composition books… I’ve used ’em all. (Cheap notebooks don’t flicker at 60Hz and cause eyestrain. Nor do their batteries die at inopportune moments, nor do they suffer “general exception errors” and “crash”. I heart pen and paper.)

My problem, such as it is, is that a large amount of what I write down I want to keep to refer to at a later date. This is fairly normal, I guess; most of my coworkers do the same. It’s just… they either use file-folders to store stuff, or three-ring binders, and organize things by project. I don’t do this because I’m not quite that organized, when all is said and done. Also, I don’t like carrying around lots of file folders full of loose paper, and three-ring binders take up way too much space.

My aversion to file folders, by the way, is entirely practical – I sometimes refer to notes on or from projects months or even years after the fact, and if I ever kept stuff in folders and dropped more than one at the same time… my notes are frequently context sensitive, to put it mildly, and many are probably meaningless even to me, removed from the proper temporal context. (“Three of five [respondants] identified Wednesdays as the slowest day for business, barring special events. One each chose Tuesdays and Sundays, with the same caveats.” I found something very close to this written on a Post-It(TM) note, stuck inside a reference book, recently; it took me close to a week to remember what it was about, because of the lack of context.)

So, yeah, I like notebooks. Turns out I’m not the only one…
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