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Lunch Boxes for Adults

When I was a wee anklebiter, way back in the day, I packed a lunch to school most days. At first it was in the ubiquitous metal lunch box, adorned with some sort of cartoon or comic character. Later I “outgrew” that and just brought lunch to school in a brown paper bag.

My Mom, bless her, packed the lunches, of course. They were, as far as I remember, your standard grade school bag lunch – one sandwich, one apple, and a cookie, or three. A little Thermos full of… Kool-Aid?, or later a juice box or pouch, and straw. Not the most inspiring lunch in the world, but they did the job, I guess.

In sixth, seventh, and eighth grade I ate school lunches in the cafeteria. In ninth through twelfth grade, I… didn’t eat lunch at all, because my father and step-mother were douchebags.

Okay, I didn’t completely not eat lunch; I survived on soda and whatever unwanted leftovers I could mooch from acquaintances. But, anyway.

For some reason, when i was younger, I saw packing a lunch to work as either something childish, or something extremely old-fashioned, out of a black-and-white movie. Today, if it really was old-fashioned, it’d be amazingly appealing to me as something awesomely cool and “retro”.

It’s not, sadly. But for about a year, I’ve still been taking lunch to work, anyway – and so has one of my housemates.
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