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Pseudonymous Banking and E-Commerce

I recently wanted to purchase something online from a company in a far foreign land. This is not atypical; I regularly receive packages in the mail bearing strange and exotic postmarks from faraway lands, and do regular business with companies on four continents.

Normally I use Paypal. Or Google Checkout.

This particular merchant – in a country infamous for it’s credit card fraud, I might add – only accepted bank transfers, Western Union transfers, and credit cards.

On a $25 transaction – what I wanted to pay – my bank charges $49.95 for an overseas transfer, and Western Union fees aren’t a whole lot better. So, if I wanted what these folks were offering, I’d need to use a credit card.

I only have one credit card, however – a credit/debit card tied to my checking account. Having that compromised by thieves would be… extremely inconvenient.

So, what’d I do? Got another credit card, that’s what. And in the process discovered a very, very interesting opportunity to engage in, if not anonymous, at least pseudonymous banking.
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