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DedicatedTV, RIP

Raymond Bennelsworth, administrator of, one of the larger television-download sites on the internet, announced late last week that he was retiring from running the site, which he’d funded for three years out of his own pocket, and that if a new owner wasn’t found the site would go offline August 7th.

This afternoon – August 2nd – the site is now no more, the domain is up for sale, and most of the auxiliary webpages – the two Twitter feeds, the Facebook group, and so on – have disappeared down the memory hole, without any word or notice. No goodbye, no farewell, no teary-eyed sentimentality. No ‘so long, and thanks for all the fish’. Just… poof. Gone. And this just days after Facebook messages suggesting new owners had been found for the site.

Ah, well. Easy come, easy go. Screw you too, Bennelsworth, and your little dog Bertie, too.

The dedicatedtv domain is for sale, apparently, should you have a thousand pounds to spare and a desire for an obscure bit of internet piracy history. There were at last count eight or nine others that pointed to the same site; perhaps some of them are valued a bit more realistically?

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Relationships and Hand Grenades

As my very few friends and I get old (not just older, but…old) our occasional discussions, which once revolved around things like computer hardware and cameras and sex and sewers, now include depressingly adult topics like the mortgage crisis, arthritis, and “relationship issues”.

Now, I expect that most of you just tuned out a little bit right there, because nobody with a Y chromasome normally really wants to discuss, or even think about, relationship stuff. It involves words like “feelings” and “trust” and “emotion”, and soul-searching, and questions even trickier than “does this make me look fat?”, which is scary territory indeed.

To help remedy this problem, some of us have come up with an entertaining and surprisingly insightful method of relationship analysis through the use of hand grenades.

No, really.
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