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The Nuclear Weapons Effects National Enterprise… Sucks

Last month, an immensely forgettable group of boffins released a hopefully-doomed-to-obscurity 92-page report (7.9MB PDF). The Report of the Joint Defense Science Board / Threat Reduction Advisory Committee Task Force on The Nuclear Weapons Effects National Enterprise – and how’s that for a ponderously long name? – argues not-very-convincingly that America’s ability to engage in military operations in a nuclear environment has atrophied – that’s a word they seem really infatuated with, by the way – since the glory years of the Cold War. This may or may not actually be true; keep in mind that the U.S. military has never actually operated in a nuclear environment, so all the nostalgic bluster about Cold War-era readiness and capabilities is at least partially wishful thinking.

The Task Force further alleges that this is a ginormous problem that poses an imminent danger to capitalism, democracy, and the American Way of Life(TM) in part because our conventional military forces are just so gosh-darned awesome that the only way a deranged third-world tyrant could ever hope to defeat us is through the use of nuclear weapons.

This is the point, dear reader, where I sincerely hope you just did the whole facepalm thing.

But wait. It gets worse.
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