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WordPress Under Kloxo + Lighttpd

Over the weekend, I was setting up the website for my first novel, which should officially become available around the end of the month, Gods willing. I was doing this on a server running the Lighttpd webserver, a (usually) fast and lightweight alternative to Apache that I have a lot of experience with. (Portions of this website are powered by Lighttpd.) The server, however, was running the Kloxo hosting suite, a spiffy, powerful, and flexible – but slightly eccentric – hosting setup similar to CPanel and Plesk and so on, only somewhat less sucky. (I hate CPanel with a burning passion, but I digress.)

One of Kloxo’s big virtues – and one of the reasons it’s becoming quite popular – is because it requires substantially less memory than other hosting setups, thanks – in part – to it’s use of Lighttpd.

When setting up WordPress under Kloxo and Lighttpd (on CentOS under OpenVZ, incidentally), I was a bit surprised by a couple of things I discovered, which I figured I’d share with the internet at large.
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