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This Day in History, Again

No, this (probably) isn’t going to become a regular thing, but while looking for photos that were taken on July 12th – i.e. yesterday – throughout history, I also stumbled across a neat photo taken on July 13th – i.e. today – that I thought was too cool not to share.

Imagine this, okay? The date is July 13th. You’re in Chicago, America’s “second city”. It’s 1955; the war has been over for ten years, technological progress and modern society have surpassed everything you ever thought they would be. It was sunny out. In England, Ruth Ellis had just been put to death for killing her husband, in what would prove to be the UK’s last execution for at least half a century.

Somewhere downtown Chicago, meanwhile, there’s a Shriner’s convention going on, and Chicago has arranged… entertainment.
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