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Random Thoughts on The Changing Nature of Language (and the Eken M-001)

A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of those Eken M-001 devices that have received such scathing reviews throughout the blogosphere. What the heck is an Eken M-001? It’s a seven-inch touch-screen tablet computer that runs Google’s Android operating system, that’s what. It’s sometimes called a “tablet notebook” or even a “tablet netbook”, and gets compared really often to the Apple iPad, for obvious reasons.
The comparison is never flattering, of course. Partially this is just Apple fanboys being Apple fanboys, and partially this is haters of Chinese electronics being haters of Chinese electronics. But, sure, there is room for complaint. Android is not really an operating system meant for “computing”, and doing “computing” things with only a touchscreen and six buttons is far from ideal. The Eken runs a slightly older version of Android, meaning some newer apps can’t be installed easily. Battery life when the wifi is on is fairly unspectacular – two to three hours, tops. The 350MHz processor combined with the software isn’t really beefy enough to play high-bitrate video files. Sound through the speakers is decent; sound through the headphone jack sucks sweaty donkey balls.

But, as a $99 e-book reader, this thing rocks.
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