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Gimme Some Water

For… almost as long as I can remember, really – various groups up to and including the government have been urging “responsible” and “efficient” water conservation, for economic and environmental reasons.

This desire to use less water is undoubtedly good and noble. It’s brought us reasonably water-efficient toilets and shower heads, and mildly annoying phrases like “if it’s yellow, let it mellow”.

It’s possible we’ve even gotten garbage disposals that require less water than their predecessors. I don’t know, as I’ve never lived in a house with a garbage disposal.

But it seems to me like most of the innovations in domestic water conservation have been very bathroom-centric. This may not be a bad thing – we do dishes twice a day, and we do laundry twice a week, and we collectively go to the bathroom probably, um, twenty times a day, between everyone who lives here. So that seems kind of logical, I guess.

But, out in the kitchen…
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