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The Death of Bittorrent Ratios

I don’t use bittorrent much, because it annoys me in a lot of ways, and I have a painfully slow home internet connection (On a bad day, 800/240 kbps) which goes down a lot. (Thanks, Qwest.) I also believe that 99% of the supposed technical “advantages” it provides are illusory. That said, I am for some strange reason a member of a couple “private” trackers, where one is either strongly encouraged or in fact required to maintain a positive “ratio” – bytes received divided by bytes shared. If you go onto bittorrent forums, everyone and their little brother is constantly whining about these sort of requirements – waaah, I don’t think my ratio is being calculated correctly. Waaah, there’s nobody to seed to. Waaah, I have some sort of special circumstances which prevent me from seeding at all, please exempt me from the rules. Waaah, this is too hard.

You’d think that somehow either moderating your consumption of pirated movies, computer games, and porn, or alternatively leaving your computer on to seed even when you’re not watching movies, playing games, or fapping was the hardest thing since climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the way these people complain.

And sometimes, albeit rarely, they might have a point. Bittorrent clients, from what I’ve seen, have ideas and priorities about what to seed and what not to seed that really do not take this laughable idea of “ratio” into account at all, either overall or on a per-torrent basis.

But, still, I’ve got one compound word for you all: Seedboxes.
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