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Random Inanities

Sorry for the lack of substantial posts. Work + migraines + allergies + food poisoning does not a happy camper make.

Random MythBuster-ish thought for the day: I sometimes play a video game which we’ll call Blur IV. In this game, one can, if one is incredibly irresponsible and just generally not a good person, drive a, say, 2000-pound car down city streets at irresponsibly high speeds – say, 120 miles per hour – and do ridiculously antisocial things like mow down pedestrians while cackling maniacally.

Not that I have, or anything. But you get the idea. Other people have, and they’ve posted video on YouTube. Or something. Or so I heard.

Anyway, this sort of tomfoolery is usually fatal for the virtual pedestrian, and not so damaging to the virtual vehicle, which I suspect is, um, “not prototypical”. Actually, having seen the aftermath of some much, much slower car v. pedestrian showdowns, I’m positive it’s nowhere near prototypical. But, hey, it’s a game.

Here’s my question, though, in true MythBusters fashion: If you hit a stationary, free-standing 180-pound human analogue with a car at, say, 90mph, does this have a reasonably identical effect (on the car) as if you hit a stationary car with a 180-pound human analogue traveling at 90mph?

My gut says yes. The science nerd part of my says no. My migraine doesn’t care.

Random just-downright-random thought for the day: Come the zombie apocalypse, I think a water tower could make a seriously badass fortress for human survivors, you know? Forget bandages and MREs and stuff, I think every disaster-survival plan should include an acetylene torch, extra fuel, and some dude who’s good at welding and torch cutting and stuff.

The skeptical side of me, however, wonders whether putting survivalists – complete with guns and ammunition and propane tanks and all sorts of other dangerous things – in what is basically a giant, bullet-resistant lightning magnet is really a wise plan for long term post-zombie survival. You’re all “neener neener, stupid zombies, can’t get me in here!” and they’re all “hnur, I cut the ground wire to your ground wire, sucker, just wait until the next thunderstorm and then it’s fresh-roasted brains, braaaaaaains…..”

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