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Random observations from the interwebs:

I’m a fan of German metal band Blind Guardian, and think their song Valhalla is fairly decent, as such things so. But this live performance (YouTube link) is freaking amazing. Audience participation? Loads of it; it’s one of those anthems whose chorus is practically designed to be sung by the masses. Only… the song ends, and the audience just keeps on singing. For several minutes. The look on the lead singer’s face is priceless. “Ja, okay, song’s over, let’s move on… or maybe not. Sigh.”

A commenter on an online literary journal, in 2007, discussing the taxonomy of novels, novellas, and so on: “Poems are about girls or death, and they rhyme. Otherwise, they are “high school poems,? and they are about death *due* to girls, and they can easily be set over music by The Smiths or The Cure.”

So true.

Some of the slightly more modern parts of the Russian Navy are engaged in exercises off the country’s East coast this week in a regularly-scheduled show of force in the region. Probably not-at-all coincidentally, the Navy is asking Moscow to buy it four amphibious assault vessels, which top brass insist are vitally necessary to, among other things, “defend” the slightly-disputed Kuril Islands. Mmm, saber-rattling…

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