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Rehabilitating the Six-Dollar Bike, Part Two

In part one of this financially irresponsible tale, stinginess and a roommate’s desire to take up bicycling led to the merging of a free bike from the garage rafters and a six-dollar bike from a garage sale to make something actually rideable.

As with everything that involves bicycles, the saga continues.

When we last left this monstrosity, it was basically functional, except that the rear derailleur only went into three of six speeds, and the rear brake didn’t work. A new handlebar was on order, as were new brake and derailleur cables.

The handlebar arrived, and was easy enough to transplant. Despite being about thirty-eight years newer than the one it replaced, it was a perfect match for the original. The brake and derailleur cables were simply enough to install, and made the rear brake work again.

Then, things got… interesting. And annoyingly expensive.
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