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Random Musical Musings

Two quick, unrelated things having to do with music:


On public transit in Minneapolis. Two college students are talking in front of me.

“So Kev tells me you’re a drummer,” says one.

“Yeah, a bit,” says the other. “Why?”

“I’m in a band and our drummer quit ’cause he got a girlfriend.”

“Oh, bummer. What’s it called?”

The Flaming Placentas of Unstoppable Misery.” (I actually forget the real name he said, but it was something along those lines.)

“Right on, cool name. What kind of music do you play?”

“A cross between (a band I’d never heard of) and (a band I’d never heard of), with a little early (band I’d never heard of).”

“Cool, cool. So what kind of drummer are you looking for?”

“Well, uh, how would you describe yourself, musically?”

“I dunno. Early Keith Moon, I guess.”



“Yeah, we’re more looking for someone who is, like, a rhythmically-challenged epileptic who’s been awake for a week straight on a diet of nothing but Red Bull and crystal meth.”

Don’t try and picture that, okay? Just… don’t.
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