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Tay Ho Instant Noodles

Over the weekend, I was at an Asian grocery store here in Saint Paul, picking up a few things we needed for dinner. I was committing one of the Grocery Shopping Cardinal Sins(TM), because I was shopping while hungry.

I grabbed what we needed, then found myself heading towards the cash registers by way of the Aisle of Instant Noodles – hundreds of linear feet of shelves jammed full of instant ramen, cups-of-noodles, and similar blocks, cups, bowls, and blobs of reasonably instant noodley goodness. Amid all the brightly-colored packages covered in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, possibly-Thai-I-have-no-idea, and the occasional bit of gratuitous English, I spotted something that stood out, by virtue of it’s sheer size – a gargantuan, Texas-sized bowl of instant noodles that I initially thought was a “family size” package, to be honest.

I asked myself “Self, are we hungry for instant noodles today?”, to which myself replied “we can do that, sure”. It was a buck seventy-five, or thereabouts. How could I go wrong?
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