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Anime Elitism

Every special-interest community, it seems, has some sort of incredibly arrogant elitism. In photography, it’s the size queens – anything that doesn’t use sheet film is a “toy”, and not a real camera at all; the bicycling community has the Lance-wannabe road racer weight weenies, who look down on anyone who doesn’t ride, lycra-clad, a carbon-fiber road bike with ten or fewer spokes as fast as humanly possible. Fountain-pen afficionados get to suffer Mont Blanc owners, and the people who only “use” (i.e. collect) hand-made Japanese lacquer’d pens, and who dismiss everything else as “entry-level” or a “school pen” only suited for teenagers.

In the anime community, you get, somewhat strangely, a lot of teenage boys who (understandably) only seem to like shows with near-constant action and violence, and who vehemently hate on (a lot less understandably) any show with more than two or three female characters.

These people really annoy me.
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