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Rehabilitating the Six-Dollar Bike, Part One

I have a fairly decent bicycle, which I ride somewhat often – 30-50 miles a week – and which theoretically didn’t cost me anything. Yes, free, as in it was hanging in the garage and had been since we moved in and probably hadn’t been ridden in a decade or more.

Mind you, free bikes aren’t as great of deals as they seem – that “free” bicycle has received, in addition to a bunch of labor-intensive cleaning and lubrication and adjustment:

New tires – $40
New tubes and rim strips – $20
A new saddle – $30
A new handlebar, stem, and grips – free, but worth about $30
New brake pads – $10
New brake and shifter cables – free, but worth about $15
A rear rack – $20
A front basket – $20
Two bike locks (one U-lock, one cable) – $50
A bell – $10
Some bungie cords for the rack – $5

Add it all up and that “free” bike required about $250 in parts to get in good working order as a commuter/utility bicycle. You can get a pretty decent used bike from a good bike shop for $250…

Anyway, I haven’t learned my lesson, and am at it again.
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