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Now Boarding, the Slow Train to Bigotsville

I have a certain disdain for so-called graffiti “artists” – or at least the “artists” who do nothing but scrawl their nicknames across every vertical surface within their reach. (Ornithological note: the Lesser Pimpled Tagger, Corvidae Rattlebombus, is differentiated from the Small Spotty Dickhead, Corvidae Chavvus, primarily by differences in plumage and mating call; C. Rattlebombus, of course, don’t mate, and thus have no mating call. C. Rattlebombus specimens which appear to exhibit mating behaviour are most likely juvenile sport specimens of C. Trustafaria; the latter are particularly common around liberal-arts colleges, community soup kitchens, and something called a “punk house”, which is a bit like a landfill, only louder and found in residential neighborhoods.)

Where was I, again? Oh yes, taggers.

Below is a piece of graffiti I spotted on a bike ride the other day:
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