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“Restore America” My Ass

Allow me to introduce you to the ‘Restore America Plan’ – summarized somewhat nicely at this link – from the twisted (and not in a good way) minds of the “Elders” of the ‘Guardians of the Free Republics’.

They are, as near as I can tell, a group of militia or “patriot” types who – with the backing and blessing of the military, if you believe what they say – want to “restore order” to the “fifty state republics of the United States of America”. How? By forming juries, or something, and subverting or removing the unlawful institutions of government – like judges, and state governors, and sheriffs, and… yeah, just read their freaking manifesto, if you want to know how the pipe dream is supposed to work.

I know, I know – BORING! Well, I for one find it very interesting that they have a (self-appointed) deadline to pull off what is essentially a coup, and that deadline is March 31st, 2010. Wednesday, in other words. (Why Wednesday? Um, as near as I can tell, either because Citibank are changing their policies come April 1st (no joke, alas) or because there’s some sort of cosmic religious significance to the date.)

Anyway, there are a lot of signs that whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen today – Monday 29 March 2010. See here or here (the references to “tomorrow”), for example.

Normally, I’d guess that a crackerjack plot like this would have a 0% chance of ever materializing. The quite large-scale FBI operations over the weekend in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois – relatively massive operations directed against a religiously-inspired militia group, no less, and about which the government is being absolutely quiet – make me wonder whether there isn’t actually something to this whole “Guardian of the Free Republic” and “Restore America Plan” thing, after all. (You also have to wonder about the timing of the POTUS’ surprise trip to Afghanistan, vis-a-vis the FBI/JTTF/ICE operations that had the potential to “set off” a lot of fringe, anti-government types. Domestic extremists can’t threaten the POTUS if he’s not, erm, domestic, right?)

So… is something interesting going to happen today, or tomorrow, or Wednesday? We’ll see. I hope not, but, well… these are extremists, remember. One of the few things more worrisome than a bunch of extremists is a bunch of extremists with a plan… and the only thing more worrisome than extremists with a plan is extremists with a plan with a hard-and-fast deadline.

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