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St Paul Geocaching Policy

What a strange day it’s been – I saw a pair of foxes running through a neighbor’s yard on the way to work this morning, and a very confused-looking turkey in another neighbor’s yard on the way home. Keep in mind, this is very much an urban area; these sorts of sights might be normal in the country, but here in the city, they’re rather more the exception.

Anyway, only a few years behind the times, the City of Saint Paul has now released the official city geocaching policy (PDF!), as well as a website where people can register their caches.

The policy is, thankfully, quite reasonable and well thought-out. There are a lot of geocaches in the city – and elsewhere in the metro area – but most cities have been really, really slow to do anything about the sport, as this article from last year highlights. So, kudos to Saint Paul for (finally…) adopting a pretty straightforward and sensible policy. Here’s hoping everything works as well in practice as it looks on paper, however…

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