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Like Living in an Anime World

I like to make jokes about the differing characters of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the not-very-similar “Twin Cities” here in Minnesota. For the most part, comparisons usually favor Minneapolis – which has a bustling nightlife, competent software developers, good restaurants, interesting places to shop, and a thriving arts community – over Saint Paul, which, for the most part… doesn’t.

To be fair, it’s not entirely lopsided – Minneapolis is nicknamed “Murderapolis” for a reason, and the Saint Paul Police are evidently rather less prone to, you know, inadvertently beating, abusing, or robbing those they’re supposed to protect and serve. Minneapolis is also home to far more hippies, anarchists, street people, street preachers, and general wierdos than its sister city on the other side of the Mississippi.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm, here. Finding myself in Minneapolis with about an hour to kill, I decided to celebrate spring – and avoid the revelers in and around all the bars – by having my first milkshake of the year at an ice cream shop somewhere. There, I ran into two people – and a situation – straight out of one of the more absurdist anime series from Japan…
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