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Bigotry and Hate

The whole world, somewhat oddly, seems to be taking notice of the plight of Jene Newsome. Newsome, if you’re somehow unaware, was until recently a Sergeant in the United States Air Force, but was discharged after seven years’ service because, oops, she’s gay, which is a bit of a no-no in the military just at the moment – at least if you “out” yourself…

…which she didn’t, technically speaking. Hence the controversy.

Coverage of the story in the last couple days has been fairly interesting, with – guessing here – eight out of ten articles blaming the Rapid City Police Department, and the remainder mainly blaming Newsome, because some people are just like that.

This isn’t particularly surprising, in modern-day America. When you’ve got a salacious story involving a police department, a lesbian, and the military, it’s not too hard to tell where most of the criticism is going to end up – everybody loves to hate on teh po-po, and nearly everybody loves a little gay bashing.

Criticize the military, though? What are you, nuts? Or, worse yet, some kinda commie pinko fairy who hates America?

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