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Kwik Kulinary Hits

A couple of geeky food-related things I’ve come across recently, that you might find interesting:

First, a fairly spiffy recipe for hayashi raisu, a Japanese beef stew that’s served with rice. I don’t cook much Japanese food, because finding the ingredients can be a challenge, and I’m annoyed by the cultural snobbishness that prevails on a lot of English-language Japanese food blogs…

I made it the other night, and it turned out pretty decent. I used demi-glace, which I’d never used before and had a hell of a time finding locally. I think next time I’ll just use strong stock, made from concentrate. I was skeptical about how it was going to turn out right up until I added the roux and everything thickened up into a, well, stew. Yay for roux once more…

Next up, a very interesting look at the science of cast-iron cookware. I have three cast-iron skillets; one is merely five or six years old, and kind of crap (like everything made by Lodge), but the other two are excellent – vintage Wagner and Griswold from who-knows-when, probably at least fifty years old.
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