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It’s Good to Have Goals

Way back in the day when 9600-baud modems roamed the earth, I used to hang out on local BBSes a lot. I met a lot of very interesting people that way, including the first two people I ever dated. I know, I know; meeting people online? Well, the rub, of course, was that BBSes were fundamentally local, and for all the paranoia about “bad people” “online”, the big BBS-user gatherings (“get togethers”) were pretty safe places to meet people in real life who you already knew fairly well over the computer.

I can only remember a few of the people I knew from back then – Chebutykin is one of them, and one I’ve actually spoken to within, you know, the last decade. Some of the others, I remember their names, and not much more…

There’s one person I recall surprisingly well, considering that we never met, and never exchanged more than a few messages back in, oh, 1992 or 1993 or something like that.
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